In honor of Conflict Resolution Week 2015, we are kicking off the our blog! Here, we’ll share our thoughts on communication and conflict resolution, as well as practical tips for successful mediation.

Anne and I are trained in both mediation and law, and we believe that the core mission of both professions is the same: to help people in conflict achieve effective solutions to their problems. We are passionate about mediation because it works. We bring the depth of our experience as client-centered legal counselors and facilitative mediators to bear on our work with North Star clients. And here’s what our experience has taught us:

  • Everyone experiences conflict. At work. At home. In their communities.
  • Most conflicts can be resolved with direct and respectful communication.
  • When people can’t work it out on their own, it helps to have a neutral third person facilitate discussion.
  • Legal disputes always have nonlegal impacts – financial impacts, social consequences, psychological ramifications.
  • Addressing the nonlegal consequences of a dispute can be as important, or even more important, than the legal concerns.
  • Unlike court, mediation is a place where all concerns – legal and nonlegal – can be confidentially discussed and addressed.
  • When everyone works together to reach resolution, chances are greatly improved that everyone will abide by the agreement that was reached.
  • Mediation can be a positive, empowering experience – even when an agreement cannot be reached!

Happy Conflict Resolution Week!

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