Our Partnership

North Star Mediation Partners LLP was founded by Meghan Lang and Anne Mania. Anne and Meghan practiced law in the nonprofit and private sector for over 10 years. For six years, they worked closely as colleagues and Civil Rights litigators at Rosen, Bien, Galvan & Grunfeld LLP. Together, they resolved complex conflicts between their clients and opposing parties. Years later, after each had independently developed a mediation practice, Anne and Meghan reunited to launch North Star Mediation Partners LLP. They are dedicated to the idea that most conflicts can be resolved with direct and respectful communication.

In their work as litigators, Anne and Meghan saw how the adversarial courtroom experience often failed parties seeking help. Court battles polarize parties, cost a lot of money, increase stress, and often fail to satisfactorily resolve the conflict for either party. Even when parties reach agreement in a lawsuit, it is often done in haste in the hallway outside the courtroom, or after rounds of expensive attorney-driven negotiations. This traditional legal problem-solving prevents parties from working together to reach creative and thoughtful resolutions that benefit both parties.

Mediation, on the other hand, enables parties to create mutually beneficial solutions. Anne and Meghan use facilitative mediation to help parties to communicate effectively in difficult conversations, identify key issues to be resolved, develop the understanding necessary to make informed decisions, and reach lasting agreements. They use a co-mediation model that provides a wealth of benefits, including collaborative organization of the mediation process, increased efficiency, and two sets of eyes and ears to help resolve the dispute.

Anne and Meghan specialize in mediating emotionally complex relationships, including premarital and cohabitation agreements, the dissolution of marriage and domestic partnerships, and co-parenting agreements. They also work on family, interpersonal and business matters, neighbor and community related cases, peer and coworker relationships, landlords/tenant and HOA issues, and business-client conflicts, including complex multiparty disputes. Anne and Meghan believe that every conflict is an opportunity to enhance understanding and repair relationships.