Divorce and Custody

Your relationship, finances, and children are private family matters​. That’s why you should consider mediation.

Family Law litigation is a public, adversarial process. You may not want to argue about private family concerns in open court, but court proceedings require you to make claims and defend against allegations. Going to court almost always increases stress and complicates communication between the parties. Frequently, it further damages relationships. And in court, you put your family’s future in the hands of a judge who often reviews your case only briefly before making lasting decisions for you and your family.

In mediation, you decide what happens to your family and you keep your private matters private.

You don’t have to litigate. You don’t have to put your private family concerns on public display. ​Mediation is a proven alternative to litigation. Whether you are navigating a prenuptial agreement, divorcing, or changing a parenting plan, North Star Mediation will provide the professional structure and support you need to have the difficult conversations. With our help, you can talk through the important decisions — from finances to parenting schedules — and create a mutually agreeable plan for the future.

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