Conflict Coaching

Sometimes mediation isn’t what you need. Or maybe the other party will not participate in mediation. We can still help. North Star Mediation offers to conflict coaching services, helping individuals to engage in, manage, and productively resolve challenging and ongoing conflicts.

A North Star coach will work one-on-one with you, acting as confidential listener and sounding board. We will help you to see the situation from diverse perspectives, think through multiple aspects of the dispute, and consider options for improving communication. Together, with the North Star coach, you will design a plan of action to deal with the conflict, enabling you to effectively and confidently move toward resolution.

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, particularly where there is an ongoing personal or professional relationship. It may be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Conflict coaching is a powerful tool to help manage conflict.  Schedule a free consultation today or call 510.629.9520