Anne Mania

North Star Mediation Partner Anne Mania

Anne Mania has been practicing law in the Bay Area for over a decade. She began her legal career as a civil rights litigator working first for the non-profit Prison Law Office and then for the civil rights firm Rosen, Bien, Galvan and Grunfeld in San Francisco. In 2010, Anne opened her own solo practice where she now practices family law, and represents indigent criminal defendants in the Court of Appeal. Throughout her legal career, Anne sought to resolve the problems that bring her clients to court, ideally before they ever set foot in a court room. She took a 40 hour mediation certification course with SEEDS Resolution Center in Berkeley and found her calling. She has since volunteered as a mediator in Small Claims Court in Alameda County, served as an instructor in subsequent mediation trainings and conducted successful mediations in her family law practice. At North Star Mediation Partners with Meghan, Anne brings her experience both in and out of the courtroom to help people reach resolution without litigation.

Anne is a Graduate of UC Davis School of Law (’01) and Smith College (’89).